DIY Fairy jars/Room decor

Sometimes i sit under the stars 💫and think of galaxies inside my heart♥ and wonder if i actually could see one (i don’t think so, i would see them) Whenever i think of galaxies stars, stardust, faries, pixe dust and fairy things come up to my mind and i am always excited about that😂. I decided to make a DIY inspired by faries (tinkerbell) and pinterest

It was diwali (a big festival in which everyone decorates their houses with lights, bursts crackers,) (more about it in the link thing with blue colour text😅 just telling u in case)

So had some lights left and i thought why not put them in the those little jars it would look like those magical fairy things (maybe pixie dust) in tinker bell and i used to love it . My sister still does so, this could be great idea for room decor and why not.


This is how it ended up to look like👆 I kept it in my garden and it looks LIT at night like fairies are wandering and seems magical.

If the Water Dries up🌊The Moon stops shining🌙Stars fall 🌟and the World goes blind🌎 You know I’ll be saving my love for u♥

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(Wanna see your jar lights😉)

(post your fairy jars if you make one)

I never knew you could have moonlight in your hands ‘Till the night i held you✋You’re my moonlight..~Ariana grande

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The Road,Less Travelled

You’ll need Coffee shops☕, Sunsets🌇 and road trips. Airplanes✈,Driving, with window’s down,passports,new songs,old songs🎧 but people more than anything else. You will need other people and you will need to be that other person to someone else, A living breathing invitation💌to believe better things.

It’s all about the first person you want to tell the good news about😂

Speak frm my Heart♥When it comes 2U👉💫

“I love that moment.

When you’re on a long ride🚥,or listening to music, or reading 📚And you completely zone out. You forget your troubles,and everyone around you .You’re focused on that one thing, And that one thing only.

Everything seems so Peaceful”..

Know what’s on menu “me-n-u” ♥ girlonline1804 (blogging.) xoxo

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Wandering Around∞

All I want is open heart♥’n Open a Road.Oh,this Heart of mine is made to travel around this BIG World 🗺

Though,immma running outta time⏰ I must gooo, it’s callin’ meee ☎️

Cuz when you stop and look👀around. “Life is worth Living” So Live another day


Baby, there's nothin' holdingg me backk🔙

Heyy, how you’re doin’ I’m fine. I lied i’m dying inside (just kidding😂)

Hello Fam(who ever is reading)👇

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Marvellous mountains🗻

Climb every mountain🏔,Ford every stream,Follow every Rainbow🌈’ till you find your dream. The best view comes after the hardest climb. I was Wandering over the mountains through the woods.It was very beautiful place and was quite fun running around everywhere.I found this picture after looking through my gallery thrice or twice as,it’s been quite of time since i clicked these pictures.So here are some random pictures I clicked long ago(not really though)

All good things are Wild and Free🌇
Every sunset is an opporturnity to reset💫
Hike more,Worry less🏞

It was a really cold place so ❄i didn’t feel like getting out of my suite😂but everyone insisted and i also joint, the walking part was long👣but amusing and it was a good expirence and the place was really magnificent, I Felt like i was somewhere in snow white’s woods🐾 (i am lazy but i loved it)

Thanks for reading 🙏(love you all!❤) hope you liked it ..

Be the reason of someone smiling XX girlonline1804👯

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Wondrous Woods🐾

Woods are lovely dark and deep, But I have a promise to keep, Miles to go before i sleep. If you listen carefully,🙉🙈🙊silence is beautiful,Trees are ment for climbing..

Let’s find beautiful places to get lost into,cuz I am just too bored,will just climb trees🐨Beyond the Wild wood, Comes the Wide world

Xlophile, someone who loves forest and woods🍃

I’ve been bored and doing nothing ,But I did climb trees 😂.It’s been ages since i posted something and this is it ..

Hope you liked ittt,💥 the festive season is around and will post alot more this week so stay active and don’t forget to see it..

Thanks for Reading💁..(if anyone was reading)

I give Top-koality hugz🐨xx girlonline1804👯

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Foto Timeee🎬

“My life is a movie🎥,and everyone’s watching”~Justin Bieber . All these pictures together shows a story and those groups of pictures makes a movie which tells so much about my life. Everyday is just sooo amazing and here I share it all with youuu, So there are some random pictures which i took todayyy…👇let’s see em’

Petrichor , smell or earth after rain
Dope days,Chill nights,Good Company & mellow vibes

Finally my exams are over..Now I will be posting my blogs and will be active i will be checking out all your comments down below👇

Thanks for reading💁if (anyone was reading hope you enjoyed)

My favourite placeis inside your hug❤XX girlonline1804🌈

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Life is a Picture📸

I love clicking pictures because the best thing about them is they never change even when the people in those picture do. Moments are fleeting, time passes before your eyes notices any change in the lovely landscapes which are constantly changing.

shhh… i am listening to the rain

A wave will never crash against the shore in the same way, exactly like a star will not shine like it shines everyday, that’s the thing about clicking pictures beauty is everywhere and is in everything.I click pictures so that those moments can never fade away and stay with me forever. These pictures help me hang on with those memories a little longer and stores them all together.

When life gets Blurry just adjust the focus
Try to be rainbow, in someones cloud.

Life is like camera

•Focus on what is important •Capture the good times •Delete the negative vibes •And a little of ‘Hakuna matata’

‘Hakuna matata’ Timon and pumbaa

I can’t believe it took so much time, my draft got deleted then i typed it all back. It took all my day but still it is it for now, i will be writing more and i am sooo glad my exams will finish soon. Thanks for reading if anyone was reading.💁

Follow your heart♥ XX girlonline1804

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I Heart IT💞

Whenever I stop and look around It feels so good looking at the clouds☁ Clouds always look so different from how they looked yesterday.🗺

sky is full of colors sometimes light blue, sometimes dark black or it even appears purple, yellow or orange at times,I am bedazzled🙃with all these different colors…

Because when you stop and look around Life is Pretty amazing… I never get tired of the blue sky

👆isn’t it soo Iconic😉

Always follow your heart❤🌈,

xx girlonline1804

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Rain ON💧

Sky looks very bright,clean and light blue color and sometimes gives me a look of rainbow,after looking at the rainbow everything seems so magical like i am lost in the disney world with all those fairies and unicorns 🦄,princess happiness everywhere

have you ever tried to find a pot of gold behind the rainbow🌈? careful of leprechaun🍀

The Environment 🌁looks very attractive and beautiful scene. I generally take a few snaps of greenery,raindrops and other things to catch all the memories in my camera.📷

was it all in my fantasy...
No limit in the sky,that I won’t fly 4 youu

White,brown,blue and dark black shades of clouds look like they are wandering around, my sister is always so fascinated by all those nature stuff

rainy season is a big relief in everyone’s life After the “UNBEARABLE” hot summer

shhhhh…. listening to the rain☔ i must gooo🌈 XOXOgirlonline1804

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Picture iT📸

I always be like, clicking pictures of everything everyone see’s everyday (basically everyday stuff) but people don’t seem to find something special in it,i seem to be the only one clicking pictures of all those nature things like,flowers ,clouds stuff because it is just so fascinating to me🙃

i personally feel that there never can be enough pictures to click and there is always loads to discover🗺 Whenever i see something new i just picture it more like capture it and

there are always, loads of pictures with me ,i will try and share some of them you…… ’cause i know i’m not alone😉

Nefelibata “cloud stalker” head in the clouds…

After lookin’ at the picture my sister thinks the clouds are following her😂

Try to be a rainbow🌈 in someones cloud☁XXgirlonline1804❤