Why I started blogging

As the year is ending, I wanted to blog about what inspired me for writing blogs. The whole reason behind it was an novel called Girl Online which really inspired me. Right after reading the novel I thought I should blog too, it made me feel like I wanted to share something with you guys.

As the year is ending and I haven’t even posted one proper blog since November so today I will share my blogging story.

There had been so many incidents in my life in which I have laughed alot or cried alot. There also have been some achievements and things I thought I should share with people. I like to capture memories through my camera, it makes me remeber those days better. So even decided to blog and post some of those pictures.

I always liked to click pictures of the sky and basic things like the eclair I had last night.

I’ll post more blogs soon. If you have any questions you may ask in the comments.


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Thanks for Reading❤

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