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Winter Wonderland❄

Early Sunsets, Warm Tea, Messy Hair, Good books, Soft pillows, Hot cocoa And Fuzzy Socks With alot of Sweater Weather. Yes you’re right this post is about Winter !

Which is inspired by SmilingDreamer as liked her post alot I also decided write a post like her !

It’s winter’s and I’m not even sad.

I’ll never outgrow the excitement of looking out of the window and seeing the snow fall.


Things to do in winter

  • Stir hot cocoa with cannoy cane
  • Gather extra Blankets
  • Make paper snowflakes
  • Wear Mittens
  • Hoodies
  • Get cozy by the fireplace
  • Eat gingerbread
  • Bake cookies
  • Enjoy a mug of tea
  • Have a snowball fight
  • Build a snowman
  • Give out warm hugs


Why I like Winters?

One of the reasons are that there is more cuddling in blankets and cozy time. Sometimes I get lazy and sleep with many layers of blankets.

I also like to layering clothing in winters. Layering clothes also make make up a great outfit all together and alot of combinations.

Wearing Big woollen sweaters, mittens, scarfs, and more winter accessories

Flipping through magazines, reading books while cuddling into blankets is always fun. Watching movies at night with warm snack

Winter is the starting of holiday season. Winter is always loved by me because great occasions would be coming up. It’s the start of the holiday season and time to enjoy with friends and family.

Decorating Christmas trees is my most favourite thing to do in the time of Christmas.


Things I like to do in winter

Staying in bed all day. Watching tv at night is always fun I like watching movies late at night with layers of blankets and layers of clothes

● I like to keep my hair open in winters because in summers it’s way too hot to keep my hair open. I also get my hair done from the salon because sometimes I’m just too lazy to wash my hair.

● Reading books in warm blankets and flipping through magazines and looking at different pictures in newspaper.

● Social media and playing games on phone.

● Going out for dinner, eating all those waffles, doughnuts, cakes, brownies and more food.

● Spending time with loved ones remains the best time. Because some people are worth melting for


Heyy person reading this ! If you want to cyber-stalk me, I’ll be sure to make it worth your time

Snapchat (username): kasmyabhatia

Instagram (username): kasmyabhatia

So here as the post is ending and it’s winters I would like to give you a warm hug. But I can’t hug you as you’re just reading this blog. So I’m sending a hug virtually so here we go.

So just remember this forever..

You’re beautiful, you’re loved and you’re cared for you’re not worthless you’re special you mean something to somebody if not at least you all reading this mean something to me ❤


This post took a lot of time..

Bee happy 🐝

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